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quasar framework

This would allow me to work full-time on Quasar Framework, expand the team and make updates faster. If you work with Quasar at work, please share this link to. Quasar Framework. Build responsive websites, hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) and Electron apps using same code, with VueJs 2. Quasar Framework - Build desktop & phone/tablet apps simultaneously.

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Quasar Framework - ActionSheet Ignore dev branch on CircleCI for now Jul 22, package-lock. Issues with no clear repro steps will not be triaged. It offers a suite of features including a cloud IDE, remote debugging and live reload, and build and deploy tools. Initial draft for v0. Updates added additional Onsen UI information and quotes. Dev Hot Reload More than just Live Reload. Addition to previour RTL commit. Until Quasar reaches a 1. With the surge of popularity of Vue. Try to search for your issue, it may have already been fixed in the development branch or it may have a resolution.

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Moreover, it automatically styles the components depending on the running platform, what makes truly possible writing only one source of code for both iOS and Android. Vue 64 41 Updated Jun 29, Material Design and iOS themes for now. CSS 3 1 Updated May 15, Quasar App Template for mobile-only apps. There's a lot to look forward to. It should gain the traction it deserves. Vue CSS JavaScript HTML. For example, a bug related to CLI should be reported to the CLI repo, one related to build issues to Quasar Framework Templates repo and so on. Flonga shopping games is an effort to compare the various options available, in an unbiased and approachable manner, while highlighting the strengths of each one so the developer can make an informed decision. It will cost you some time, but it will give you a "feel" for the framework performance, syntax, documentation. Quasar gives escape online spielen kostenlos developer a number of utility APIs that are a common need when developing a mobile app, such as web storage, cookies, and platform detection. Update logo in README Shell 5 1 Updated Nov 28, But it felt a bit too much leaning toward browser instead of mobile. That isn't to say other frameworks are incompatible. If you'd like to join them, check out Quasar Framework's Patreon campaign. CSS 3 1 Updated May 15, Is it any production site or app using? quasar framework


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