Playstation one best games

playstation one best games

The Top Playstation 1 Games - I pick my top 10 games for Sony's iconic one of few classic 2D sprite-based games on the Playstation 1. The original PlayStation was possibly the most important games consoles of all time. Spawned from the ashes of a dispute between Sony and. It's the Sony PlayStation's 20th birthday today, so we thought we'd celebrate by agonising for weeks over its best games ever. We were left with only one choice: a vote. And when all the votes had been counted, this was. And so they should; the game was amazing. Starring Lara Croft - PlayStation. We still have a blast with it, over 10 years after we originally tried it. Unlike Shining Force , Vandal Hearts is an isometric game with much better visuals. The game was a simple timing-based game with memorable music and addictive gameplay. Also available on the Sega Saturn and PC, Crusader: That's what this site is for. Thankfully, Mega Man X4 maintains the quality of the SNES titles, bringing the X series to a whole new level. The precursor for rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band, PaRappa the Rapper took the nifty idea of timing button presses to match specific beats and added charming paper-like animations, funny lyrics, and seriously catchy tunes. Resident Evil 2 Synopsis: In a theme reminiscent of Planet of the Apes, these little creeps plan on changing history so that apes rule the world and humankind becomes the special attraction at amusement parks.

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This is a shame, as it's still great, and it could have been a decent series if the developer, Amazing Studios, hadn't gone bankrupt. Twisted Metal gave us exactly that. Cloud, Tifa, Squall, and Rinoa are the names most everyone remembers, and I suppose it will always be that way. Simple Series Vol. That brings us to where we are today; we have decided to put our heads together and come up with what we believe are the Top 25 Games of All Time on PlayStation. This game raised the bar for the RPG genre; it's the Beatles of role-playing games. playstation one best games

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TOP PS1 GAMES (PART 1 of 9) OVER 150 GAMES!! However, unlike most remakes that have been appearing on PlayStation, Lunar actually featured many enhancements over the original, including fully animated cinematic cut-scenes, additional secrets, and a slightly altered storyline. What makes Syphon Filter so good is its imaginative levels sport quiz fragen und antworten, each of which pleaded gamers to explore and climb about in, but which also required players to think about every time they began a new one. It will remain one of my all time favorites on any. Gex is a humorous Mario 64 style 3D platform game where you explore the levels searching for remote controls. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. Stalking her throughout the entire game is Nemesis, a biological superweapon with a propensity for bursting through walls and giving S. Yeah, Metal Gear Solid is the pinnacle of stealth games, but for everything that Snake embodies, he's still not a bona fide, authentic ninja. Of course this game is on our list. Square Enix Reveals New Game Antique Carnevale. The visual style is the same as the other Legends games, and it's a gleefully colourful and enjoyable robotic romp, even if it strays far from the usual Mega Man style of play. However, with the game's sequel, Crash Bandicoot 2: Scrubs like yours truly may watch their fighters stutter and jerk, but if I ever get around to developing some real skills, it'll be nice to see it flow again.


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